Average of players' ranking:

Game format:
Classical (~10 min)
Blitz (~3 min)
Bullet (~1 min)
UltraBullet (15 sec)

The chess move tracker

Number on every square with a piece displays how many times this piece was moved.
Drag a piece and you will see on which squares and how many times it was moved. Shows results for max. 40 turns. Based on first 100 000 games from a .pgn file from lichess database from August.

Move display:
number or moves
% of moves done in one turn
% of results after that move (white,black,draw)
white wins minus black wins

Adjust text size to number of moves

Data from database.lichess.org (100 000 games from August 2017)
Board provided by chessboard.js
Engine provided by chess.js
GrzegorzusLudi 2017
Contact: g๐•ฃzะตgะพr๐•ซu๐•ค๐Ÿœ๐Ÿก@w๐•ก.ั€๐• (rewrite, it contains russian letters)